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User Conduct Rules

Participating in an online community may feel more anonymous than talking to someone in the same room, but the rules of courtesy in communication still apply! Treat others as you expect to be treated. Use sensitive language, and avoid racism, sexism and other negative terms that denigrate against people who may be different from you. Avoid profanity. The English language is vast enough that there are plenty of alternatives to inappropriate words. This is a public place that includes coaches and parents!

Participation in this community is a privilege and not a right. We require all users to register with real names and contact information. Users may control privacy of contact information, but site administrators have access to this information, and users with fraudulent information will be suspended/blocked.

This site maintains a PG-13 environment, and moderators reserve the right to delete content (posts, pictures, videos) they deem inappropriate, and abusive members will be banned. There's a difference between attacking someone's views and supporting those attacks with substantive reasons versus attacking the individual.

Use of the website is further governed by the Terms and Conditions enumerated here, which also references our Privacy Policy.