Middle School/Online

Information here pertains to the 2023 tournament. 2024 information will be posted in December.

Middle school students may compete in the Online Middle School Congressional Tournament or may compete alongside high school students in the In-Person High School Congressional Debate Tournament.

Online Judging Considerations

All judges must give undivided attention to this tournament and will be removed if found to be concurrently judging other live tournaments.

Please click "On My Way" next to your round in Tabroom once assigned to acknowledge you've received the assignment.

Please keep camera on while judging, so you can give signals to students and they know you're listening (permission to not have camera on must be cleared with the Congress Tournament Coordinator). Alternatively, you must type "ready" in the chat each time before a student speaks, so they know you're paying attention. This also helps us track when a judge gets disconnected, because the chamber may continue with its business without know.