Cumulative Sweeps

Formula: Up to 5 contestants per high school earn:

  • 5 points each for prelims

  • Plus 4 points for each presiding term throughout the tournament

  • Plus 10 points for the first elimination round

  • Plus 15 points for the second elimination round

  • Plus 20 points for the third elimination round

  • Plus 25 points for the fourth elimination round (if necessary)

  • Plus 5 points for placing 4th, 5th, and 6th; or 10 points for placing 2nd and 3rd; or 15 points for champion.

  • Tie-breaks: higher number of entries, number of highest-earning entries, number of breaks, number of presiding officer terms. Independent entries are NOT eligible for sweepstakes. The current formula has been in use since 2012. A New School Award is presented to the delegation earning the most points from among schools participating in their first Harvard Congressional Debate.

This table chronicles sweepstakes since they were recalibrated in 2006, with years as columns (06-present). R = most recent year points were reset when school won award.