Information for All Judges (Scorers + Parliamentarians)

Congressional Debate Judging Guide
Congressional Debate Judging: Tabroom.com

Judges Each Round:

  • Scorers each award 1-6 points (where 1=poor; 6=excellent) for each speech and hour of presiding as well as rank-order their choices of top eight (8) performing delegates -- including the student presiding officer if they're worthy -- (where 1=top choice, 2=next choice... 8=eighth choice).

  • A parliamentarian provides holistic feedback without awarding points, rank-orders all delegates in the room, in order of preference. The parliamentarian remains in the same chamber for preliminary rounds.

  • All judges will be expected to type comments in electronic ballots while students are speaking. Judges may NOT write comments by hand and transcribe them later. If there are connectivity issues, judges may type comments in a word processing document and copy/paste to Tabroom, but the entire tournament will be severely delayed if we wait for transcription of handwritten notes.

Additional Information/Resources for Parliamentarians