Ryan Mulholland

Harold C. Keller Public Service Leadership Award: 2011

Ryan Mulholland is chief executive officer and principal founder of Ptolemy Data Systems, a technology company based in Sheridan, Wyoming, where Mr. Mulholland has served on the city council. Previously, Mr. Mulholland was a deputy sergeant with the Sheridan County Sheriff’s Office, where he was involved in planning, development, and implementation of an extensive and highly secure law enforcement computer network. Mr. Mulholland also served with the Wyoming Division of Criminal Investigation. His educational background includes political science and information systems.

Mr. Mulholland participated in the Senator John C. Stennis National Congress in the House of Representatives in 1995, and the Senate in 1996 and 1997. He was Senate Champion and Final Session Presiding Officer in 1997, the same year the National Presiding Officer Award was established, the first of only three students to-date to win both the tournament and Presiding Officer Award. He graduated from Shoshoni High School with 1,280 merit points accumulated for participation and success, reaching a degree of Outstanding Distinction in the NFL honorary society, and ranking first in points in 1997 for the Wind River NFL District of Wyoming.

Mr. Mulholland is married with two children and a third on the way. His father and coach, Harold Mulholland, is a diamond coach and longtime parliamentarian at the National Congress, now coaching at Mexia High School in Texas.